In the course of my on-going exploration of urban development and external spaces, I reference existing structures and surroundings,
while creating my own building environment, where spaces often reflect the transient nature of composition, whether man made or natural. Progressing from my previous project, entitled “Great Forgetting” my practice has become increasingly engaged in the investigation of
site-specific locations, unfinished derelict buildings and residue left in surroundings.

Since Oct 2010, I am based in my studio in Red Stables at St. Anne’s Park in Dublin, where my art practice is engaged in a combination of mixed media. I develop images into drawings in an attempt to create an artwork as vibrant as the environment it illustrates. I pursue the language of abstraction in order to create complex geometric and rectangular patterns.

These artworks can be viewed simultaneously, both as abstractions, and depictions of actual sites. I re-create the original sequence, events and locations, as much as depict the elaborate structures of these characterful buildings.